Woodbury is Australia’s leading school for children with autism. Woodbury exists to bring all parents hope for the future of their child with ASD, or Autism Spectrum Disorder. We are here to help your child fulfill the goals and dreams that you have for them. Woodbury is in the business of helping special children shine!

Woodbury and ABA

Our teaching methodology is Applied Behavior Analysis or ABA. ABA is the only comprehensive treatment methodology for treating children with autism whose effectiveness is supported by robust scientific research. It is the backbone of all the interventions we pursue. Wherever possible, Woodbury’s staff use interventions supported by high quality scientific research.

Our Team


The Woodbury team can fit the pieces of your child’s education together.

When you visit Woodbury, you will immediately see the genuinely caring attitude of all our staff who are dedicated to progressing the development and well-being of our students.

Each child at Woodbury has a wonderful team who works with them daily, and follows their progress continually. It all starts with our therapists.

You will always find a therapist in close proximity to every Woodbury child. While the ultimate goal is independence and self-reliance, we recognise that, for our special children to shine, they will need support in the early years.

Our caring and highly trained therapists support your child each day to build on their abilities so they can become more independent. They understand when a child needs to focus on a task, when they just need to be a child and play, and when they just need some comfort. This level of personalised care and consideration, and skill, is found at all levels of Woodbury from therapists to teachers to clinical supervisors and through to the executive ranks.

Our Children


Our students come from globally diverse backgrounds.

All children at Woodbury are “on the spectrum.”

For those affected by autism in a mild to moderate way, our educational staff will help your child gain the necessary language, reading, maths and social skills. When and where possible these children will learn to learn in a group setting to enhance and generalise their learning and social skills.

For those affected by moderate to severe ASD, our staff are highly qualified and ABA trained which will help your child learn and gain more independence. We have a very high staff to student ratio for each of these children.

For most children it is probably best to think of Woodbury as a 1-3 year course progressing your child towards a more typical mainstream educational setting. Our goal is to lead your child as far down that road as we can to prepare them for the rest of their education and life’s journey.

Whatever the capabilities or deficits that a child may have, measurable progress can be made.

Our Focus

We really do track very finely detailed data about your student's education.

We track finely detailed data about your student’s education.

We do this by giving meticulous attention to the finest details of each child’s education to ensure their learning, language, communication, social and academic development is maximised.

The IEP team members evaluates your student's progress on a regular basis.

The IEP team members evaluates your student’s progress on a regular basis.

Before any child is accepted into Woodbury, their abilities and deficits are measured very carefully by a range of evaluation tools. With their baseline established, the child’s Individualised Education Plan (IEP) is created.

The Individualised Education Plan (IEP)

The IEP team will include the Clinical Director of the school, Lauren Chapman, who holds a Masters in Special Education, and who is also a Board Certified Behavior Analyst..  The team also includes the Clinical Supervisor who is highly trained in Applied Behavior Analysis, and the teacher who will be directly  responsible for the teaching of the child.

The parents of each child are also included on the IEP team. Our work is enhanced by collaborating with the parents at home.

Parent Involvement and Communication

To facilitate this home and school reinforcement, each child has a communication book which is sent home with them each day, letting the parents know how their child did at school. Additionally, parents are expected to communicate with the school in the same notebook, giving a continuity of care and communication rare in most education settings.

Every month, parents will receive a program summary stating the goals each child is working on and their progress toward the goal. This includes video clips of their child working on specific skills and participating in various activities. We also have a Speech and Language Pathologist who is an expert in Augmentative Alternative Communication (AAC) and highly trained in ABA. She is also a member of every student’s IEP team.

We also have a Home and School Liason Service in which we provide detailed training and coaching to parents on using specific ABA techniques with their child at home. This also includes a home visit during the non-term break.

The IEP Team meets at least twice a year to discuss the formation, progress and adjustment of each Individualised Education Plan, but progress toward goals are monitored daily through data collection, and re-evaluated weekly. We collect and analyse data daily on every child. It is that important to us to get it right.

If you would like to find out more about sending your child to Woodbury or how you might be able to help the school please contact our office staff and maybe schedule a visit.